Nothing to Lose, So Much to Gain

Making the decision to have hospice involved is a wonderful blessing for patients and families.  When hospice is elected the patient and family gain all the wonderful benefits of hospice with no risk. Because, if at any time the patient or family no longer wants hospice they can discharge from our care and then decide to come back on service at any time.

Families Wish They Had Known About Hospice Sooner

“I wish we had known about hospice sooner.” This comment is one that we hear often and one we always have difficulty hearing because a key element in providing excellent hospice care is time. Earlier referrals to Inspiration Hospice are imperative for the patient and family, so that they have time to focus on good quality of life.

Better Quality of Life

It’s no secret that life limiting illnesses and their treatments can cause unpleasant symptoms and side effects in many patients, which can seriously affect their quality of life. Controlling these is a prime concern for anyone facing a life limiting illness and for the people helping take care of them. Hospice care can address such problems as pain, nausea, poor appetite, weight loss, breathing problems, and even emotional concerns like depression and anxiety.